9 Factor That Affect The Price Of RJ45 Modular Jacks

February 23, 2019

If you are looking for modular jack RJ45 connectors, do you know what factors influence the price of the RJ45?


Here we suggest you to know this 9 factors before you buy it, to let you become a professional purchaser:


1, The contacts gold plating: Normally you will have below 6 options : 1u" , 3u", 6u", 15u", 30u" , 50u" , different gold thickness plating, the price will be totally different.


2, The housing material:  ABS, PBT, PA46, PA66, PA6T, PA9T, LCP,  different material, different price


3, The color you choosing:  Black is the most common color, normall you will have black, yellow, blue for options. If you want other customized color, the price will be different. 


4, The shielding: material: Brass or Stainless steel,  thickness: 0.2-0.35mm


5, With or without LED


6, With or without transformer


7, Different factory may have different structure, the price will be different


8, Quantity


9, Quality

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